Sympathy for Data v1.6.0 available!


Sympathy for Data version 1.6.0 offers several GUI and usability improvements, such as, new icons, better handling of high DPI screens and reorganized menus.


Download Sympathy for Data built for Windows:


News in 1.6.0

Gui changes

  • Panning the flow view is now mapped to middle mouse button (scroll wheel click). There are also toolbar buttons for panning/selection.
  • New icons from Font Awesome in toolbar, menus and context menus.
  • Color theme based on the standard palette in Windows 10, is used for all OSs.
  • Changed keyboard shortcuts for Zoom to selection and Zoom fit all.
  • Flow Overview look and feel similar to that of Library View.
  • New splash screen on startup of GUI.
  • Removed redundant groupings in parameter GUIs, this makes some configuration GUIs more compact.
  • More clear highlight of invalid parameter values, on Windows.
  • Double click on node executes or does nothing, will never trigger configure.
  • Plots in Table viewer shows current resampling.
  • Figure viewer now supports mouse interactions for 3D axes.
  • Deprecation warnings are on by default. They can be disabled by unchecking Display warnings for deprecated nodes in the Advanced section of Preferences.

Platform changes:

  • Supports Python 3.6+.
  • Supports PySide 2 (Qt for Python). This results in smoother rendering, various improvements.
  • Asyncio is used in place of twisted, this will make it easier to install Sympathy on some OSs.
  • Support for installing Sympathy in a Python virtual env, on Windows.
  • Improved platform stability, undeterministic process crashes when running and on shutdown caused by PySide do not seem to happen anymore.
  • Improved structure of menus, with new groupings and consistent ordering.
  • Windows installer produces different package structure, similar to a wheel install.
  • Added json parameter type.
  • Added datetime parameter type.
  • Added dict port type.
  • Added Html port type.
  • Added GeoJSON port type.
  • Added Table editor for json parameter type.
  • General preview which can easily be added to nodes.
  • list_node_decorator replaces list_node_factory.
  • Reduce size of syx files by not writing descriptions etc for all parameters. Pretty print parameter structures for increased legibility.
  • Selections can be expanded while holding down Ctrl (Cmd on OSX). Ctrl + click toggles selection of individual nodes.
  • List parameters with static lists are now automatically updated from their definition.
  • Automatically fix minor inconsistencies between .value and .value_names during update_parameters. Warn about parameters that are still inconsistent during execute/configure.
  • Documentation improvements:
    • New instructions for wheel install, now also for Windows. See Installation instructions.
    • New instructions for debugging using PyCharm. See Debugging nodes using PyCharm.
    • Show labels for parameters in node documentation.
    • Improved documentation about node libraries and their structure.
  • No longer supported:
    • Python 2. Python 3.5 and older.
    • PySide.
    • Built-in debugging and editing using Spyder.
    • Built-in benchmark of the platform.
  • Add maintainer information to library.ini metadata. Useful when maintainer and original author are not the same.
  • Node copyright notice is now inherited from library.ini metadata if unspecified in the node. Allows less repetition when creating nodes.

Node/plugin changes:

  • Datasource can supply URL to importer nodes.
  • Support for URL datasource in import nodes and new Download URL to file.
  • VJoin, Transpose: improved feedback when constructing unsupported columns
  • Select columns in Table uses new preview feature.
  • New Figure:
    • Many different improvements to the configuration gui and to the code.
    • Allow setting major/minor ticks.
    • Support for legend outside of axes.
    • Enabling and disabling individual plots.
    • Uses new preview.
    • The node no longer outputs its configuration in the form of a Table.
    • Improved support for plotting datetimes
    • Improved documentation.
  • The old figure node can still be used, but will be deprecated at some point in the near future.
  • Transpose can set column names even when there are no rows
  • Consistently using “regex” to refer to regular expressions in node configurations.
  • Calculator should be able to detect res-dependencies that use other quoting than ‘’.
  • Improved reading of typed input value:
    • Mask nodes.
    • Replace value in Table.
    • Select rows in Table.
  • F(x) can be configured without external file.

Removed nodes:

  • Propagate Input
  • Repeat Item to List
  • Elementwise ADAFs to Tables
  • Filter Image (deprecated)

Deprecated nodes/plugins:

  • Convert specific columns in Table(s)
  • Copy files with Datasources
  • Rename file(s)
  • Rename Files with Table
  • Jinja2 Template (deprecated)
  • Plot Table(s)
  • Export Figures with Datasources
  • Matlab Calculator
  • DIVA import plugin
  • LAA import plugin

API changes:

  • sympathy.api.dtypes includes handling for reading typed values from text input
  • Deprecated ManagedNode base class.
  • Removed deprecated methods from table, adaf, table_wrapper and adaf_wrapper.
  • New (compatible) format for F(x) script, see F(x).
  • Deprecate support for ${signal0} syntax in calculator plugins.
  • Deprecate imports() from calculator plugins.