Sympathy for Data v1.5.1 available!


Sympathy for Data version 1.5.1 offers several stability and performance improvements compared to 1.5.0. Some regressions introduced in 1.5.0 have been taken care of.

Nodes and flows from 1.3 and 1.4 should for the most part be compatible with 1.5.1.


Download Sympathy for Data built for Windows:


Platform changes:

  • Improved performance overhead of nodes that simply select some columns of the incoming data and pass them to the output.
  • Significantly reduced file sizes of lambdas on disk.
  • More careful disconnection of signals to improve stability and performance.
  • Added option to Unlink linked subflows.
  • Confirmation dialog when canceling subflow configurations with unsaved changes.
  • Better feedback and handling of node errors when configuring subflows.
  • Improved ability to open (somewhat corrupt) flows with duplicate identifiers, instead of failing early.
  • Cleared up separation between flows linked from library and normal linked subflows.
  • Disabled automatic documentation generation.
  • Cleaned up command line options, “-” is used to separate words instead of “_”.
  • Added Recent libraries, to simplify switching between libraries in use.
  • Restructured documentation format for Nodes.
  • New installation instructions for Linux and Mac OS.
  • Saving warning filter between node executions to avoid interference.
  • Improved deprecation warnings for nodes, on by default.
  • Fixed some regressions causing library view not to update.

Node/plugin changes:

  • Improved feedback and validation for many scalar parameters. Incorrect values are displayed in red and the tooltip shows why.
  • Added progress and current list index, in case of error – to many list nodes.
  • In some cases, improved performance for Replace values in Table.
  • Improved documentation regarding handling of unmatched values for Lookup Table.
  • Select category in ADAFs now respects the choice made in the combo box for raster selection.
  • Datasource nodes store UNIX paths in their configuration, but show paths in native format.
  • MDF Importer, improved performance when importing unsorted files and added option to attempt to read incomplete files without error.
  • ADAF exporter, improved GUI.
  • CSV exporter, improved performance.
  • @ca.changed()@, @ca.changed_up()@, and @ca.changed_down()@ can now all handle masked arrays with scalar masks.
  • Filtered several expected warnings produced by nodes.