Sympathy for Data v1.5.0 available!


Sympathy for Data version 1.5.0 offers several improvements and new features, such as workflows in the library and routing points for connections.

Nodes and flows from 1.3 and 1.4 should for the most part be compatible with 1.5.0.


Download Sympathy for Data built for Windows:


Platform changes:

  • Markdown is now supported in text fields.
  • Mark unavailable items in list views.
  • list views and combobox views can be edited when customized with editor attribute edit=True. This makes it possible to create selections that includes columns that do not exist in the input data or without executing previous nodes.
  • Shorter tab labels for flows, only showing parent flow names as necessary.
  • Only nodes that are in the current libraries can be used. Current libraries depend on the configured libraries for the current flow and the global selection from preferences.
  • Allow subflows to specify custom svg icons.
  • Route points for connections, see Route points.
  • 0 based indexing is used more consistently, that is, 0 is the index of the first element, etc. This behavior is more consistent with python code.
  • English/US locale is used regardless of the host language settings.
  • Generalized text-output port on all nodes.
  • Flows can be added to library, see Subflows in the Node Library.

API changes:

  • Improved backwards compatibility of ParameterLists during execution.
  • ParameterLists return copies of its internal state disallowing direct mutation.
  • Ability to get and set dask arrays in adaf and table APIs. See example nodes: Dask max example, Dask stack example and Dask tail example.
  • Made getitem, setitem usable as a shorthand way of working with arrays columns in tables. For example table1[‘x’] = table2[‘y’].

Node/plugin changes:

Removed nodes: