Sympathy for Data v1.4.3 available!


Sympathy for Data version 1.4.3 offers improved performance, documentation and many small improvements to the standard node library.

Nodes and flows from 1.3.0 should be compatible with 1.4.3.


Download Sympathy for Data built for Windows:


Platform changes:

  • Improved handling of labels for linked subflows. Changing the label of a linked subflow only changes the link label. The original source label can be seen in the subflows tooltip. Both labels can be changed individually in the subflow’s properties.
  • A little plus sign has been added to subflows with overrides.
  • Fixed a problem with encoding the character sequence ]]> when saving flows.
  • Using synchronous state machine for more predictable state changes, hoping to avoid random problems with nodes ending up in the wrong state.
  • Improved performance in some situations by validating fewer nodes.
  • Added destination folder argument to documentation generation. See Sympathy Start options.
  • Fixed Table viewer glob filtering.
  • Added ability to generate documentation for node plugins.

Preferences changes:

  • Added option to the Advanced pane to clear cached Sympathy files (temporary files and generated documentation). Also an option to clear settings, restoring Sympathy to its orignial state. This may be used for debugging purposes.
  • Changed the default MATLAB JRE setting to be disabled since it gives a big performance boost in cases when JRE is not used (which would be most of them). For existing installations you will have to change this manully, in the MATLAB pane.
  • New library layout: Separated tag layout, which uses the same ordering as Tag layout, but separated into libraries.

API changes:

  • Added methods RasterN.update_basis() and RasterN.update_signal().
  • Improved performance and memory usage when running locked subflows and lambdas.
  • Standardized ADAF attribute interfaces, based on abc.MutableMapping.
  • Added include_empty=bool to combobox editors, usable for representing no selection.
  • Added shallow=bool argument to TypeAlias.source(). Custom types need to be updated, adding keyword shallow=False should be enough. Using shallow=True in calls to source can improve performance.

Node/plugin changes:

  • Improved path editors. For example, using the dialog to select a file will result in a path with the same state as was selected before the dialog.
  • Improved performance in Select columns in ADAFs in some situations.
  • xls/xlsx importer plugins is better at handling columns with mixed types, especially integers and strings.
  • xls/xlsx can import tables with missing values. Those positions in the table will be masked.
  • Replaced Jinja2 template node with a new version accepting generic arguments, allowing for instance lists of tables or ADAFs as input to expression.
  • Renamed node Either With Data Predicate to Conditional Propagate.
  • Renamed Select columns in ADAF with Table to Select columns in ADAF with structure Table
  • Heatmap calculation uses masked arrays instead of nan in its output.
  • Improvements and bug fixes to the figure nodes.
  • A Datasource output to Scatter 3D Table has been added.
  • Options for relative and absolute paths in Datasource to Table and Table to Datasources.
  • Added support for integers and floating point values in Replace values in Table.
  • Datasource has had its tabbed inteface replaced with a dropbox.
  • When using a manual timestep in Interpolate ADAF, the time step is added to the raster’s column attributes.
  • Manually create Tables can now use ‘nan’ and ‘±inf’ as float values.
  • The node Select column by type in Table has been added.