Sympathy for Data v1.3.5 available!


Sympathy for Data version 1.3.5 offers improvements to existing nodes and overall polish.

Nodes from 1.2.x should be compatible with 1.3.x but there are new, more succinct, ways of writing nodes for 1.3.x that are not backwards compatible with 1.2.x. When writing new nodes, consider which older versions of the platform that will be used.


Download Sympathy for Data built for Windows:


Node/plugin changes:

  • Calculations in Calculator Table can be deselected for output enabling better support for intermediary calculations. This also enables intermediary calculations to have different lengths from output columns.
  • The input table(s) in Calculator Table can be easily copied over to the output table(s) with the new Copy Input parameter. Calculations with the same column name override columns from the input table(s).
  • MATLAB nodes and Matlab Calculator have gotten better cross-platform compatibility.
  • Matlab Calculator has been updated with the same GUI and (almost) the same functionality as Calculator Tables.
  • Matlab Table and Matlab Tables have gotten a new simplified format. See the documentation for details on how to use that. This format can also be imported and exported in Table and Export Tables respectively. A Table-like API is planned for a future release. The API that currently resides in Sympathy/Matlab will also be deprecated in a later release, in favor of the new format. The old nodes are left for compatibility, so current flows and scripts will still work.
  • The generic Empty node allows to specify the data type of the output port. The previous, specific, Empty-nodes have been deprecated.
  • Rename column nodes have more consistent priority rules when more that one column are renamed to the same name.
  • Extract lambda nodes are more robust with regard to corrupt flows. One corrupt flow should no longer stop the nodes from extracting other lambdas.
  • New node: Heatmap calculation useful for feeding the heatmap in Figure(s) from Table(s).
  • New features for heatmaps in Figure(s) from Table(s): logarithmic color scales and Z labels.
  • Datasource and other nodes where you specify a file path can specify paths relative to its own workflow or the top workflow. This can make a difference when working with linked subflows.
  • Datasources GUI is no longer slowed down when searching large folder structures. If the search takes to long it is aborted, and to get the full results the node has to be executed.
  • The table name used for the output in HJoin Table can now be selected.
  • Fixes to extract flows as lambdas so that workflow environment variables and flow name are set correctly.
  • TimeSync ADAFs can now use integer timebases and correctly displays datetimes in the plot.
  • Assert Equal Table now treats NaNs as equal.
  • Improved config gui and handling of NaN values, masked values and non-ascii binary data in VSplit Table(s).
  • A new node has been added HJoin ADAFs pairwise.
  • When zooming and panning in Plot Table and using datetime as X axis, the current time span in the plot is displayed.
  • SQL importer plugin can use SQLAlchemy and provide betters autodetection of existing tables.
  • SQL exporter plugin can use SQLAlchemy.
  • Improved documentation generation with support for libraries on different drives or on unicode paths.


  • Nodes have gotten dynamic port icons that display the actual types.
  • Color of textfields can now be changed.
  • A textfields can be moved by dragging on any part of it. It is now edited by double clicking it or by right clicking and choosing “Edit”.
  • The table viewer and any viewer which uses that component (i.e. ADAF viewer) can now be transposed for better viewing of long column names and tables with few rows but many columns.
  • Table viewer now supports copying values and/or column names as a table or as text.
  • The viewer can now show histograms for more types of data.
  • Allow maximizing subflow configurations.
  • Linked flows can now be placed on a different drive than their parent flows.
  • combo_editor for string parameters can now have an empty list of options.
  • Invalid subflows are more reliably shown as invalid (gray). Now any subflow which looks executable should be executable.
  • Subflows show an error indicator if they contain any nodes that are not found in the node library. This should make such nodes much easier to find.
  • Better feedback when trying to open a non-existing or corrupt workflow.
  • The platform can handle a larger number of linked files without running into the OS limit.
  • An Advanced tab has been added to Preferences, with one option to limit the number of concurrent nodes that may be executed, and one option to display warnings about deprecated nodes.
  • New preference option to set number of concurrent worker processes. This may help with performance for heavily branched flows.
  • Python 3 support for files created with the node and function wizards.
  • Library wizard can create subdirectories.
  • Spyder can’t handle files on file paths contaning non-ascii characters, and will fail to start when trying to debug nodes. An error message is now displayed to notify the user of this.
  • Improved stability of type inference.
  • File datasources always store absolute paths.
  • Database datasources can use SQLalchemy in addition to ODBC.