Sympathy for Data v1.1.2 available!


Sympathy for Data version 1.1 is a significant minor release for Sympathy for Data. Since version 1.0 was released almost one year ago, the application has been rewritten entirely in Python. It is however not redesigned and with a few exceptions, all existing nodes and flows should work out of the box.

This maintenance release 1.1.2 improves on 1.1.1 with improved API documentation, several minor fixes and improved overall stability. The release also includes a new system for raising warnings and exceptions in nodes. A regression affecting many nodes caused by an overzealous length check was fixed.


Download Sympathy for Data built for Windows:

New Features Compared To v1.1.1

  • Node exception improvements:
    • Writing to stderr no longer causes a nodes to fail
    • Added new node exception base class (SyNodeError)
    • Most nodes now use the SyNodeError or one of its subclasses when raising errors
    • Added functions syerr and sywarn and help texts for node errors
  • Documentation
    • Fixed errors in create type documentation.
    • Improved ADAF API documentation
    • Updated documentation about subflows, datasource, text and added many new screenshots.
  • New time sync strategy:
    • Updated time sync node with support for vjoined ADAFs.
    • Gracefully handle the case when no offset could be calculated
  • Table exports without header
    • CSV exporter can now export with no header
    • XLS and XLSX exporters can now export with no header
  • Improved stability
    • Added ‘exit_after_exception’ argument which is activated by default in CLI. When activated, it makes Sympathy exit after an exception.

Fixed Bugs Compared To v1.1.1

The following issues have been fixed:

  • Length checks
    • Relaxed overzealous column length checks in sytable
    • Raise IndexError in case of out of bounds integer indices in sytable.getitem.
  • Library fixes
    • Fixed handling of encoded attributes in LAA importer.
    • Always coercing header to unicode in LAA importer.
    • Fixed potential unicode problems in MDF and sydata exporters and importers.
    • Fixed a case where unit and description could become numeric values in csv/xls/xlsx importers.
    • Fixed lost table name in select table rows nodes.
    • Fixed incorrect uses of ADAF source_id in standard library.
    • Avoid recreating the index on every iteration in filter list node.
  • Interface
    • Copy/cut from context menu now works for subflows too.
    • Fixed a problem when when creating a subflow with input port from selection.
    • Filenames can no longer be selected in Datasources configuration Gui. This should make that Gui more intuitive.
  • Type system
    • Added support for typealiases contained in sydicts.
    • sybase.spinecopy can now be used with sylists.
    • Added error message when using sytable.contains to prevent a potentially subtle infinite loop scenario.