Sympathy for Data v1.1.0-beta4 available!


Sympathy for Data v1.1.0-beta4 is a preview release for the new v.1.1.0 version which introduces major changes under the hood. The platform itself is implemented entirely in Python which makes room for more rapid changes going forward. It introduces no new interfaces and is fully compatible with v1.0.x. Separate installers for Windows are available for 32 and 64 bit installations. The 64 bit version offers significant advantages where memory is concerned.


Download Sympathy for Data built for Windows:

New Features

  • Extended Table API for attributes: set/get_attributes() sets or gets all attributes for a table and its’ columns.
  • New Nodes:
    • F(x) Table with Extra Table
    • Table(s) Drop NaN
    • Tables to Datasources

Fixed Bugs

The following issues have been fixed:

  • Reload Library doesn’t clear or reapply the Library View filter.
  • ADAF from_table() does not fully honor attributes.
  • VJoin ADAF undefined for time series.
  • VJoin Table has problems with zero-length tables.
  • MDF and ATF importer updates.
  • Reverted specific OS X Mavericks fixes unnecessary since the release of Qt 4.8.6.
  • Library:
    • Updated many nodes to handle empty lists.
    • Updated many nodes to handle table attributes better.
    • Merge Table(s) handles common columns better.
    • Time sync has been improved.

Known Issues

  • Create subflow* does not snap to grid
  • High CPU load when application is idle
  • Errors related to eg. trying to create an invalid table (eg different number of rows in different columns) are not shown in the Gui.
  • Mark a flow as changed when node names have changed, parameters have changed
  • Copying should not change the modified status of the flow.
  • Subflow create from selection->expand->undo->undo does not work
  • Double clicking on FlowInput ports does not open the correct file.
  • Removing a FlowOutput doesn’t remove the output port.
  • Reloading a subflow reloads entire flow
  • Config files are not working when the GUI is launched (only command line)
  • Closing a flow should close all subflow tabs as well.
  • Flow Outputs don’t always point to the correct data file
  • Speed up gui when executing or validating nodes.
  • Error View: output doesn’t always fit the allotted space.
  • Nodes sometimes stop validating
  • ErrorView: Collect stderr when running pythonw on windows.
  • All error messages should be displayed in the error view
  • Update certain packages for windows