Sympathy for Data v1.0.6 avaliable!


Sympathy for Data v1.0.6 is a maintenance release with bug fixes and some new library functionality. It introduces no new interfaces and is fully compatible with v1.0.x.


Download Sympathy for Data built for Windows:


  • Fixed deprecation warnings for ADAF function selector functions. (The old ADAF function wrapper API have been marked deprecated since 1.0 beta, but no warnings were issued, so we now introduced warnings.)
  • Writing nodes using the new Port class syntax should use ADAF(s) instead of Adaf(s) (both work, but Adafs will be retired).
  • Data exporter plugins can now properly get the length of an input table.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Several data importers and exporters have been improved:
    • ATF importer: IEEE 754 support fixed, more robust.
    • LAA importer: Both LAA/DAA, LAB/DAB are now imported.
    • CSV importer: Better delimiter and encoding sniffer, more robust.
    • MDF importer: Zero-length channel groups are now allowed.
    • MDF exporter: Group ordering is better preserved.
  • Fixed bug with F(x) nodes so that the length of the input lists is preserved.
  • Better handling of table attributes in several nodes.
  • New nodes:
    • Plot Table, Plot Tables
  • The new plot nodes add plot attributes to tables to allow subsequent multiple rendering. Introduced a new plot model to handle this.
  • New XLSX tables exporter plugin – can save a list of tables to separate sheets in the same XLSX file. It can also add plots (XLSX charts).
  • Bug fixes.

Known issues

These issues will be fixed in the next minor release of Sympathy for Data, v1.1:

  • UUID’s are not cleared/reused by the platform. Opening the same flow several times in a row will assign new UUID’s to all flows but the first, even if the flows are closed in between.
  • Execution of subflows don’t always execute all nodes – double clicking a subflow is currently equivalent to double clicking the end nodes within it. This is sometimes blocked by the execution engine to avoid race conditions.
  • Pressing execute in a subflow executes the entire flow.
  • It is not possible to copy/paste subflow inputs and outputs.