Sympathy for Data v1.0.3 available!


Sympathy for Data v1.0.3 is a scheduled maintenance release with bug fixes and some new library functionality. It is fully compatible with v1.0, v1.0.1 and v1.0.2. The next scheduled maintenance release, v1.0.4 is due 2013-11-29.


  • New Python API functions:
    • table.File(): from_rows() and to_rows() to handle iterative table generation.
    • table.File(): get_column_to_series(), set_column_to_series() works similar to _array() but with pandas Series objects.
  • Tables now work with datetime types.
  • Prepared for new Library handling (to be introduced fully in a later version)
  • Improved handling of node outputs and error messages – unicode is now fully supported, and outputs have no size limit.
  • Improved handling of text fields. Fixed issues with opening and saving flows with subflows and flows with nodes not in any added libraries.
  • Bug fixes.


  • New nodes:
    • Text handling: Append Text, Export Texts, Extend Text, Get Item Text, Text2Texts
    • List operations: Pad ADAF, Pad Table, Restore Filters, Create Table Index
    • Datasources: Table to Datasource
    • Tables: Transpose Table, Pivot Table, Pivot Tables
  • Complete rewrite of the table CSV importer to support more types of files and larger tables.
  • Updated the SQL importers to support larger tables.

Known issues

  • UUID’s are not cleared/reused by the platform. Opening the same flow several times in a row will assign new UUID’s to all flows but the first, even if the flows are closed in between. This will be fixed in a future version.
  • Execution of subflows don’t always execute all nodes – double clicking a subflow is currently equivalent to double clicking the end nodes within it. This is sometimes blocked by the execution engine to avoid race conditions.
  • It is not possible to copy/paste subflow inputs and outputs