Sympathy for Data v1.6.1 available!


Release 1.6.1 is a bug-fix release addressing several bugs present in 1.6.0.


Download Sympathy for Data built for Windows:


News in 1.6.1

Platform changes

  • Write value and list to the syx file again for ParameterList. This change will have to wait until we have rooted out all nodes that use .value or .list of a list parameter.
  • Made it possible to open workflow with reference to missing library.
  • Made it possible to open tabbed subflow configurations containing failed configurations.

Node changes

  • Changes in Figure:
    • Add property ‘Distance to Axes’ to legend. Use this to tweak the position of the legend when placed outside of the Axes. If the legend is placed inside the Axes this property is ignored.
    • Avoid rare exception when editing some properties.
    • Improved default values and editors for Annotations.
  • Changes in Figure Compressor and Layout Figures in Subplots:
    • Fixed a bug when copying axes with unsupported elements. Those elements will now simply be ignored.
    • Fix colorbar handling.
  • Fixed python 3 incompatibility in Export Model.
  • Fixed inability to configure and execute Calculator Table(s) if comment contained newlines.
  • Introduced compatibility option for Select rows in Table(s).
  • Fixed issues with configuration related to missing list and value in:
  • Fixed issues with preview/viewer on Windows for:
  • Fixed issue in JSON to Table.
  • Fixed use of Fit/Fit Transform with One-Hot Encoder.