Sympathy for Data v1.4.4 available!


Sympathy for Data version 1.4.4 offers improvements to node configuration and many small improvements to the standard node library.

Nodes and flows from 1.3.0 should be compatible with 1.4.4.


Download Sympathy for Data built for Windows:


Platform changes:

  • Add default workflow environment variable SY_PARENT_FLOW_FILEPATH.
  • Always show empty item in comboboxes when no selection has been made.
  • Confirmation dialog when canceling node configurations with unsaved changes is no longer experimental and is on by default.
  • More operations, such as, edit are available for locked subflows.
  • Locked subflows are now available under Execution Mode.
  • Limit the number of characters written to Messages window, this improves performance. Default setting of 32000 characters can be changed in Preferences -> Advanced.
  • Setting to change the behaviour of moving views has been added in Preferences -> General.
  • Reload library updates nodes that were previously missing in library.
  • Running nodes can now be deleted.
  • Improved font and icon rendering on high-dpi Windows 8, 10.
  • Searchable text fields in Flow overview.
  • New option to enable/disable window docking in General pane.
  • Textfields can be manually ordered to choose how they overlap.

New nodes:

Node/plugin changes:

  • ORB feature detection algorithm now also outputs XY coordinates.
  • Jinja2 template node now give the same context for Python expressions as the calculator node, as far as allowed by the Jinja2 template engine.
  • Add optional Datasources port to Export Texts.
  • Allow adding more ports to Concatenate texts.
  • Fix bug where Copy files would drop extensions if configured with a directory.
  • ATF importer includes more attributes.
  • LAA importer, support for autodetection
  • Importers: better support for opening a large number of sydata files.
  • Export Tables, ability to control filename using datasource.
  • Customizable ports for Append List and Bisect List.
  • Customizable port for Propagate First Input, deprecated Propagate Input.
  • Calculator, input port can be removed.
  • Added support for masked arrays to Replace values in Tables nodes.
  • Showing progress for Map, Apply and Locked subflows.
  • Calculator plugins can add their own packages via import statements.
  • Export Datasources has changed name to Archive files and now supports packing and unpacking of ZIP, GZ, and TAR formats.
  • Added progress to F(x) nodesConvert columns nodes and Predicate list nodes.

API changes:

  • New API for accessing worker settings: sympathy.api.nodeconfig.settings.
  • Improved implementation of set_list() and the resulting ParameterList with stricter promises. Parameters are given exactly as before during execute, but some nodes might need to be updated to make configuration work. Overall, this will make working with lists much easier.
  • Allow the options in the combobox editor to be a dictionary with keys and display texts.
  • Allow choosing the available states (abs/rel/flow etc.) in filename editors.
  • Improved API for setting parameter editors: They can now be found in node.editors (as well as their old location) and .value() is no longer needed. Default to combobox editor for list parameters without an editor.
  • Two new editors: synode.editors.multilist_editor and synode.editors.textarea_editor to Editors.
  • Allow passing controllers structure to ParameterGroup.gui() to ensure that it builds with the relevant controllers.
  • New method: types, added to TypeAlias API.
  • Added ‘ts’ and ‘rasters’ as new kinds of names from adaf to be used in adjust.
  • Added raster method to adaf.TimeSeries.

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