Sympathy for Data v1.3.4 available!


Sympathy for Data version 1.3.4 offers improvements to existing nodes, including several new plot types for the figure nodes and overall polish.

Nodes from 1.2.x should be compatible with 1.3.x but there are new, more succinct, ways of writing nodes for 1.3.x that are not backwards compatible with 1.2.x. When writing new nodes, consider which older versions of the platform that will be used.


Node/plugin changes:

• Figure nodes have been massively improved with several new plot types (scatter/bar plots/histograms/heatmaps), improved gui, etc

• Extended figure export node with plugin exporter structure as for other types and choice of specifying image size in mm and dpi

• Reporting Nodes have been improved with rulers in layout window, pdf exporting and auto creation of tree structures

• Calculator, allows accessing the input table directly under the name “table” allowing for a way to test if a column exists. The node was also extended with the json module in the execution context

• ca.changed now correctly returns empty array for empty input

• Added functions ca.global_min and ca.global_max to standard calculator plugin. These handle empty input as you would expect

• Interpolate ADAF nodes have improved handling of missing values and resampling of zero-length signals

• Datasource and exporter/importer of SQL can use SQLAlchemy

• Pad List input can be different types of lists

• Predicate nodes have new editors for writing code

• VJoin nodes can mask missing values

• MDF importer creates MDF_datetime metadata

• Assert Equal Table allows approximate comparison of floats

• Added documentation for internal nodes (Apply, Map, etc.)


• Made it possible to specify viewer and icon for custom types (TypeAlias). For details, seeCreating a custom data type

• Only scanning Libraries for plugins, PYTHONPATH is no longer included

• Scalar parameters can use the new combobox editor. See All parameters example for an example

• Code parameter editor for string parameters. See Editors for details and All parameters examplefor an example

• Allow Controllers to trigger on user-specified value. For an example of this see Controller example

• Implemented cols() and added documentation for col/cols and Column class. See Table API

• Added attrs property to Table API

• Expose dtypes module in sympathy.api

New nodes:

• Histogram calculation

• Bisect List

• Empty

• Extract Flows as Lambdas

• Export Figures with Datasources

• Concatenate texts

• Jinja2 template

• Select columns in Table with Regex


• Improved look and feel of wizards

• Library wizard has new examples

• Node wizard can select tags

• Show filename in flow tab unless flow label has been explicitly set by user. This means that a flow created in 1.3.4 will have no flow label when opened in older versions.


• More robust checks of port types

• Masked arrays

Deprecated nodes:

• Raw Tables nodes

• Scatter 3D ADAF