Sympathy for Data v1.3.3 available!


Sympathy for Data version 1.3.3 offers improvements to existing nodes, the table viewer and automatic parameter validation when configuring nodes.

Nodes from 1.2.x should be compatible with 1.3.x but there are new, more succinct, ways of writing nodes for 1.3.x that are not backwards compatible with 1.2.x. When writing new nodes, consider which older versions of the platform that will be used.


Download Sympathy for Data built for Windows:


Changes Compared to version 1.3.2


  • Behaviour change of “?” wildcard in TableViewer search bar to match single character only
  • General improvements of TableViewer GUI
  • General improvements of parameter validation

New nodes/plugins:

  • New node: Conditional error/warning
  • New node: Carthesian product tuple2

Changes in nodes/plugins:

  • Allow unicode characters in Calculator node
  • Improved default behaviour of Calculator node
  • Improved rescaling of preview plot in FilterADAFs node
  • Improved XLSX export output compatibility
  • Extract Lambdas can be configured when connected
  • Improved performance of VSplit
  • Improved bounds checking for calculator functions shift_seq_start and shift_seq_end
  • Improve gui in Manually Create Table. Now allows removing selected rows/columns as well as changing name and datatype of existing columns
  • Improved handling of bad timebases in interpolation nodes


  • Added value_changed propagation to parameters
  • Made verify parameters validate every change to configured parameters, for nodes with generated configurations


  • Fixed update method for tuple type
  • Data viewer can once again be run stand alone
  • Updated icons