Sympathy for Data v1.3.1 available!


Sympathy for Data version 1.3.1 offers several new and prominent features such as an improved data viewer with embedded plot, a new plot datatype and many new nodes as well as improved performance and stability.

Nodes from 1.2.x should be compatible with 1.3.x but there are new, more succinct, ways of writing nodes for 1.3.x that are not backwards compatible with 1.2.x. When writing new nodes, consider which older versions of the platform that will be used.


Download Sympathy for Data built for Windows:


Changes Compared to version 1.3.0

New features:

  • Improved viewer with support for simple explorative plotting of signals.
  • Overhaul of subflow configuration: Split into settings and configuration. Remove grouping. Only allow selecting shallow nodes/flows. Added Wizard. Optionally override parameters of linked subflows. Should be somewhat backwards compatible
  • Add Plot-type. Passes pickled matplotlib figures between nodes
  • Added tuple-type
  • Better handling of broken links/nodes missing from library and changed port types due to subflow changes
  • F(x) function wizard
  • Allow setting flow name, description, version, author, and copyright information in flow info dialog. Also improved handling of flow labels all around
  • Expose more environment variables from workflow
  • New command-line option: –nocapture for debugging

New nodes:

  • Plot-type nodes: Plot Table with Config, Plot Compressor, Layout Plots in Subplot Layout, Export Plots
  • Calculator for a single Table added to Library
  • FilterADAFs node (including plot)
  • Manually Create Table
  • Signal generator nodes for generating Table(s) of sinus, cosines or tangents
  • Matlab Tables node
  • Hold value Table(s)
  • Flatten list
  • Propagate Input and Propgate First Input. These can be used to implement some workarounds and for determining execution order in a flow
  • Interpolate ADAFs with Table
  • Report Apply with Datasources
  • Filter rows in Tables. This is the multiple Table version of existing Filter rows in Table
  • Tuple nodes
  • Delete file, which deletes a specified file from the file system

Node changes:

  • Allow selection of multiple columns in Unique Table
  • Allow choosing specific rasters in Category selector ADAF
  • Table attributes are merged for the HJoin nodes
  • Allow setting fixed width/height for TextBoxes in Report Template
  • Easier date settings in plot node
  • Rewrote Matlab Table and Matlab Calculator

Exporters/Importers changes:

  • ADAF Importer was extended with option to link to imported content
  • MDF Importer can handle zip-files that include a single MDF-file as input
  • Gzip Exporter binary writes files correctly
  • ATF Importer supports a wider range of files
  • Export tables nodes will now create output folders if necessary
  • Increased compression for exported sydata-files produces smaller files


  • Faster reading of writing of intermediate files
  • Faster ADAF copy methods
  • Improved length handling for tables
  • Faster execution of Select rows in Table(s)
  • Faster execution of Table and Select category in ADAFs
  • Responsive preview for Calculator and Calculator Table

API changes:

  • Added MATLAB API for writing scripts executed by the Matlab node
  • Added update method to Attributes class. (ADAF API)
  • Added support for placeholder text in lineedit_editor in parameter helper
  • Added visibility and enable/disable slots to ParameterValueWidget

Bug fixes:

  • Fix name and type of output port of Report Apply nodes
  • Fix a bug where save file dialog wouldn’t show up at all when trying to save subflow on Windows, if the subflow label contained some specific unallowed characters
  • Make sure that aborting a subflow doesn’t also abort nodes outside of the subflow
  • Fixed a bug where linked subflows were sometimes inserted with absolute path


  • Improved reliability when working with lambdas, maps and apply nodes

Deprecated nodes (do not show up in Library View, but can still be used):

  • Type specific versions of list operation nodes (such as Get Item Table and Append ADAF).
  • Old FilterADAFs node