Sympathy for Data v1.2.6 available!


Sympathy for Data version 1.2.6 is a maintenance release in the 1.2 series. It improves on 1.2.5 with an improved csv importer and many improvements to library nodes. It retains backwards compatibility with Sympathy for Data 1.1.


Download Sympathy for Data built for Windows:


Changes Compared to version 1.2.5

New nodes:

  • Ensure columns in Table

User interface:

  • New command in context menu for inserting a subflow as a link

API changes:

  • Improved slicing of (sy)table with slice object with negative or undefined stride
  • Automatically update order, label, and description for parameters when the node’s definition changes
  • Improved automatic ordering of parameters in parameter groups

Node changes:

  • Report framework: histogram2d graph layer is now called heatmap and can handle different reduction functions (count, mean, median, max, min)
  • Improved CSV import: Handles empty csv files and files with errors towards the end and trailing newlines. It also features a new option for how to handle errors importing a file. When read to end of file is selected, the number of footer rows is ignored. Delimiter detection was improved
  • Calculator: Show number of output rows in preview in calculator gui
  • Calculator: Fixed a bug where signals disappeared from signals list after drag and drop
  • Convert columns in Table: Added useful conversion path between datetime and float
  • Select columns in ADAF with Table now works as expected when “Remove selected” has been checked
  • Select rows in Table with Table: offers a choice of reduction function between rows in config table. Previously it only read first row of the config table
  • Slice ADAFs/Tables: Basic integer indexing now works as expected
  • F(x) nodes: Added help text about how to test your f(x) scripts

New requirements:

  • Requiring pandas version 0.15 for the CSV import, for versions before 0.15 down to 0.13 it will still work but may behave slightly differently in edge cases with blank rows