Sympathy for Data v1.2.3 available!


Sympathy for Data version 1.2 is a significant minor release for Sympathy for Data. It features several prominent new features, improved stability and more. It has however not been redesigned and with only a few small modifications, all existing nodes and flows should work as in 1.1.

Version 1.2.3 is a maintenance release in the 1.2 series. It improves on 1.2.2 with focus on interactive features, improved stability and library improvements.


Download Sympathy for Data built for Windows:


Changes Compared to version 1.2.2


  • Fixed problems related to pipes which prevented Sympathy from starting on Windows 8 with pythonw.exe and in other cases with the same handling of pipes
  • Fixed problem causing Sympathy to spend unreasonable amounts of time loading some workflows
  • Sympathy can now start even without any libraries configured


  • Added new script: which provides pretty printing of some Sympathy datatypes in IPython
  • Automatically loading when launching IPython or Spyder from Sympathy. To get the same behavior in stand-alone spyder, add as a startup file under Preferences->IPython console->Startup
  • Importing setuptools in python_startup.exe to better find compilers on Windows
  • Fixed the close method of Sympathy types (adaf, table, etc.) when run outside of a node. This is helpful in situations where files would fail to open due to not being properly closed

Node changes:

  • Several more nodes can be configured without input data: Table to datasource, f(x), lookup, exporters, slice, get item, some sort nodes, and the nodes Pivot Table and Unique Table
  • Improved Plot Table node with statistics and interactivity
  • Configuration gui for Table loads quickly even for big XLS(X) files. The preview can still take some time to load for big files
  • Increased chunk size for MDF importer to 100MiB. Fixes problems with slow MDF import when reading from non-solid state drives
  • Timesync ADAFs can be configured again
  • Convert columns in table now keeps column order from input

API changes:

  • Split parameter_helper into three modules making the API more clear. The new API is designed to be compatible
  • Added is_empty methods to sytable, adaf.File, adaf.Group and NamedGroupContainer
  • Make sure that adaf file attributes always return a string


  • ReadTheDocs will now correctly generate documentation for Reporting nodes
  • Store node paths in file system case. This fixes documentation links on case sensitive operating systems
  • Building documentation no longer gives any warnings


  • Added thumbnails and page identifiers giving robust page selection and merging. Please open and save template configuration to generate thumbnails and page identifiers for report pages
  • Added text alignment properties to text item in reporting tool
  • Added note that HTML is allowed in text boxes in reporting editor
  • The image size of reports is more predictable