Sympathy for Data v1.1.1 available!


Sympathy for Data version 1.1 is a significant minor release for Sympathy for Data. Since version 1.0 was released almost one year ago, the application has been rewritten entirely in Python. It is however not redesigned and with a few exceptions, all existing nodes and flows should work out of the box.

This maintenance release 1.1.1 improves on 1.1.0 with a more comprehensive documentation, several unicode related fixes and improved overall stability.


Download Sympathy for Data built for Windows:

New Features Compared To v1.1.0

  • Improved documentation:
    • Rewrote introduction chapter to make it more clear.
    • Updated Node Writing tutorial.
    • Documented Table API and (partially) ADAF API.
    • Added ADAF example workflow showing how to convert data between ADAF and Table.
    • Prepared documentation generation for ‘Read The Docs’.
    • Added documentation on how to create your own data types.
    • Updated documentation regarding library structure.
    • Removed documentation about the toolbar.
    • Build documentation if they don’t exist when trying to access them through
      help menu or node context menu.
    • Added a custom config gui example to node writing tutorial.
  • Viewer:
    • Changed font to courier, changed float number formatting and added column
      auto resize when number of decimals have changed.
    • Never show decimals for integers in viewer.
  • Interface:
    • Added menu shortcuts for recent files on Windows.
    • Added connection for open flow action in toolbar.
    • Improved selection behavior when right clicking on an unselected item.
    • Updated Help menu removing About QT and added more documentation entries.
  • Subflow:
    • Added basic support for saving linked subflows.
    • Improved stand-alone loading of linked subflows. Issues with changing UUID’s remain.
    • Sub-flows can now be created through context menu of another sub-flow
    • Enabled delete from context menu for subflows.
  • Unicode:
    • Improved handling of non-ascii paths in sys.path when generating documentation.
  • Types:
    • Simplified creation of new typealiases (see documentation).
  • Table API:
    • Improved error messages when using invalid parameters.
    • Removed table row indexing requirement to allow for empty slice ([]).
  • New Nodes:
    • Rename Table Columns
  • Slice * Nodes:
    • Added support for ‘[0]’ (obtaining the first element) in slice operations.
  • Scatter 2D Node:
    • Remembers selected axes.
  • Convert Table columns Node:
    • Fixed unicode error in opening config gui
  • Examples:
    • Added two simpler example nodes.
    • Fixed broken Output Example in library.
    • Simplified output example.

Fixed Bugs Compared To v1.1.0

The following issues have been fixed:

  • Subflow:
    • Fixed issue with inability to execute newly created subflows.
  • Unicode:
    • Fixed a bug that stopped loading of workflows from non-ascii paths.
  • VJoin Node:
    • Fixed issue with VJoin changing datatypes (from int to float).
    • Fixed VJoin issue with empty tables.
    • Fixed type promotion problem in VJoin.
  • ATF:
    • Fixed import exception when measurement_begin is None.
    • Fixed more situations where encoded characters could end up in names.
  • MDF:
    • Fixed support for MDF files that use block size to limit the data.
    • Restored support for MDF files that have signals without a conversion formula.
    • Printing the filename when files cannot be imported.
      This makes it easier to track down file issues.