Sympathy for Data v1.0.9 available!


Sympathy for Data v1.0.9 is a maintenance release with bug fixes and some new library functionality. It introduces no new interfaces and is fully compatible with v1.0.x.


Download Sympathy for Data built for Windows:


  • Fixed an issue with the SQL importer and variable sized string columns.
  • Added basic VJoin and VSplit support for ADAF rasters.


  • Fixed a bug in mdf importer where importing the fallback file would sometimes fail if the output file was already polluted from trying to import the original file name.
  • F(x): New versions with extra_table(s) inputs (for example for specification or meta data)
  • New Nodes:
    • ADAF(s) Select Rows
    • ADAF Create Index Column

Known issues

These issues will be fixed in the next minor release of Sympathy for Data, v1.1:

  • UUID’s are not cleared/reused by the platform. Opening the same flow several times in a row will assign new UUID’s to all flows but the first, even if the flows are closed in between.
  • Execution of subflows don’t always execute all nodes – double clicking a subflow is currently equivalent to double clicking the end nodes within it. This is sometimes blocked by the execution engine to avoid race conditions.
  • Pressing execute in a subflow executes the entire flow.
  • It is not possible to copy/paste subflow inputs and outputs.